For many managers appraisals fall to the bottom of their ‘to do’ list.

However appraisal skills are an important part of a successful manager’s toolkit. Our in house Great Performance Appraisals training course will teach your managers how to conduct their appraisals in a simple and effective manner.

Alternatively consider using the following hints and tips to improve the quality of your appraisals:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare – don’t just ‘wing’ it. Think through in detail what your appraisal of your staff member is and what you want to discuss with them.
  2. Ensure you conduct the appraisal in the right environment, somewhere private where you won’t be disturbed by anyone or anything.
  3. Commit to asking lots of questions and ask them to present a summary of their performance first.
  4. Ensure the appraisal is a discussion, in other words listen and discuss views both yours and theirs of their performance.
  5. Focus on their approach, behaviour and results. Avoid personality attack, judgments and comments about their attitude.
  6. Avoid overstating your care, in other words try not to use words such as ‘always, ‘never’ as these are invariably untrue. Use words such as often, frequently, occasionally or rarely to reinforce your point instead.

Appraisals can often create anxiety and stress in both managers and their appraise, but learning how to conduct an appraisal effectively will minimise anxiety on both sides.